Affliated Company:

– The port is managed by three parties, namely (the General Authority for Red Sea Ports / the General Authority for Fish Resources Development / the Border Guard).

– The General Authority for Red Sea Ports, in general, is in control of the port through its offices in an administrative building behind the landing dock. It temporarily manages and facilitates the preparation of water and ice.


– The port is located in the Gulf of Suez, Suez Governorate.

Description of the construction status of the port berths:

– The port was re-operated and developed in 1992 and 1993, after detailed study and design from 1989 to 1991, in cooperation with the Government of Japan.

– There is a berth of 600 m in length and 350 m of breakwaters. The capacity of the stream ranges from 500 to 1100 horsepower. The port of Attaka is an advanced port with facilities. Other berths have been re-operated and water areas and breakwaters have been developed.

Port preparations:

– The different uses of the berths have been specified. The landing berth is designed for landing, the preparation berth for supplying fuel and ice, and the berths for berthing. There are also open areas for circulation behind the berth for landing, there are repair workshops, and there is an area behind the berths for berthing and preparation. There are some buildings, such as cooperative buildings for fishermen and offices for fishermen.

Port data:

– The decision to establish the port.:None
– The total area of ​​the port:40 acres, approximately 170,000 square meters.
– Water area:40 m2