State’s general policy for maritime transport development

  1. Achieving balance between different transport means and setting regulation for this and also giving concern to multi- modal transport (maritime ports, railways, river transport, land roads network).
  2. Supporting vital role of maritime transport where Egyptian maritime ports are economically the state’s salvage due to their linkage with foreign trade; as they dominate over the majority of cargo transport activities.
  3. Reinforcing private sector role; its participation in transport system development and providing with services and facilities so that it can perform its investment role and participate in all transport sector projects in general.
  4. Supporting human resources through development of training programs specially professional cadres of transport ministry employees.
  5. Updating legislation and setting regulating regulations that guarantee free competitiveness in transport services provision field.
  6. Predicting environmental targets that reinforce transport sustainable development especially with respect to reducing all kinds of pollution, especially river and maritime pollution.