Issuance of Sector Specialization Resolution No. 425 of 2016, which stipulates the following:

  1. To prepare the general strategy for all Egyptian ports , present it to the Supreme Council of Ports for review and approval, and to follow up the implementation of the Council decisions and recommendations.
  2. To lay down the general plans and policies in the field of maritime transport and logistics in coordination with port authorities, the Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety and the concerned authorities in the country as well, and follow up their implementation.
  3. To support construction and development projects in port, studies and research in the field of maritime transport and sovereign services required by the National Security .
  4. To present the Arab Republic of Egypt in various international organizations and forums.
  5. To grant, renew and cancel the following licenses:
    • Operating, managing and supervising specialized seaports to ensure their sustainable adequacy in terms of safety and preservation of the marine environment.
    • Maritime Navigation Agency.
    • Dumping dredging products and others.
    • To issue approvals to engage in the following activities:
    • Maritime transport activity (passengers/goods).
  6. Coastal maritime transport activity between ports
  7. To audit and acknowledge the conditions and regulations of the new business and professions in seaports.
  8. To audit the records of port authorities and the Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety boards technically, financially and legally, then submit them to the Minister of Transport for approval.
  9. To direct the ships carrying strategic goods to the Egyptian ports in line with their capacities and operating conditions.
  10. To audit and approve port facilities security plans in accordance with the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code)
  11. To establish, develop and follow-up the operation of ship tracking systems.
  12. To supervise the maritime navigation chambers.
  13. To follow up the port authorities’ implementation of the laws and decisions related to the protection of the marine environment.
  14. To lay down plans and programs for establishing and developing international seafarers’ clubs, in addition, to follow up their implementation as well as supervising their operation.
  15. To Provide devices and networks of advanced information systems to link the maritime transport system (the Maritime Transport Sector Data Bank) with port authorities, the Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety and the concerned authorities, and train the cadres necessary to operate them to ensure the speedy exchange of data and information, support decision-making, and serve those interested in the field of maritime transport, researchers, scholars and others.
  16. To nominate for missions and scholarships in coordination with port authorities and the Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety.
  17. To study international and bilateral agreements in the fields of maritime transport activity, maritime safety, maritime labor and others, in coordination with the concerned authorities.
  18. To reply to what is published by newspapers and the media regarding maritime transport.
  19. To provide financial assistance and compensation to Egyptian seafarers and their families in case of marine accidents and disasters.