Egypt is committed to implement 2030 agenda with its sustainable development goals, and it has already taken important steps: where in February 2016 Egyptian sustainable development strategy has been officially launched, it deals with sustainable development three focal points (economic, social and environmental). Egypt exerts great effort to achieve compromise between strategy main performance indicators and 2030 agenda and the goals it includes.

 State’s general policy for MTS development up to 2030

  • Achieving balance between different transport means and setting organizing regulations and giving importance to multi modal transport especially seaports railways and river transport.
  • Supporting maritime transport vital role as Egyptian seaports is the state’s way-out from economic side due to its linkage with foreign trade; as it dominates over most of cargo transport activities.
  • Reinforcing private sector role in participating in transport system development and providing facilities and services so that it can play its role in investment or in participation in transport sector in general.
  • Supporting human resources through developing training programs especially for employees’ cadres of ministry of transport.
  • Updating legislations and setting organizing regulations that guarantees competitiveness in the field of providing transport services.
  • Predicting environmental goals that supports transport sustainable development, especially concerning reducing all sorts of pollution especially those related to river and maritime pollution.

Most important  challenges confronting Egyptian ports

  1. Raising competitiveness regionally or globally in the field of maritime transport industry field in general especially in such unsettled political and economic status in the Arab region.
  2. Lack of required finance for ports infra-structure and its operation and maintenance, and making ports carry funding burdens resulting from projects of establishment, development and maintenance.

MTS development program up to year 2030

This program aims at increasing capacity of many seaports to raise efficiency of provided services.

Vessels’ industry development program up to 2030

This program aims at activating vessels’ industry strategy prepared for reinforcing and developing industry in Egypt by 2030 due to its direct effect on Egyptian economy.