longitude32o 21′ 26” E
latitude31o 2′ 26” N
Port Data
Time Zone+2 GMT
VHF16 13
Natural Characteristics
Water Density1.003 g/cm3
Raining Seasonwinter
Tidal range and flow 2.3 m.


The port is situated in a distinguished location at the east of the northern entrance of Suez Canal, in the conjunction of three continents and on the crossroad of the confluence of the east and the west. It is bordered from the north by the Mediterranean Sea , from the south by the Industrial Zone of East Port Said , from the east by the Mallaha Lake and the great project of  fisheries (Al Fayrouz) and  from the west by the Eastern Channel of Suez Canal. East Port Said port is considered as one of the greatest National Projects, which Egypt established for the purpose of serving the global  and Transit trade that cross Suez Canal. Moreover, Suez Canal   Containers Terminal (SCCT), which operates container handling in the port is also responsible for the coordination and cooperation with the Egyptian government in order to attract the greatest world shipping lines for  to make the best use of the port location.

General Description:

The port was established in March 1999 and the first phase of the container terminal was inaugurated in October 2004 and since the establishment of the Suez Canal Economic Zone, the port has been developed according to a general scheme previously prepared by Dar Al Handasa engineering company in 2015. The general scheme regarded East port said port a main part of the integrated East port Said Zone which has been established on an area of 145 km2 . Hence, East Port Said Zone comprises  an industrial zone with an area of 63 km2 , three logistic areas with a total area of 24 km2 , and a port comprises in its first phase berths of 7.4 km ,main turning circle with  a diameter of 950 m and a total area for the hinterland of 14 km2 includes two containers terminals, a multi- purpose terminal, clean dry bulk terminal, and a dedicated terminal for ro-ro. In addition to this, it offers maritime services such as ( vessel wastes reception- ship provisions…..etc.) besides another hinterland for logistic services with a total area of 4.4 km2 includes warehouses , central laboratories, logistic services, container services, value added services, maintenance area, scale areas, and waiting areas. The port is ranked as number (15) globally according to the  Container  Port Performance Index 2021, launched by the World Bank . It became a hub port for trade transit in East Med area and one of the most important port in Egypt as well.

Total Area: 30 million m2

Water Area: 16 million m2

Land Area: 14 million m2

Total area of the logistic zone inside the port: 4.4 million m2


Port Capacity :

PortArea (m2)Maximum CapacityTotal BerthsBerth Length(m)Max DraughtTotal Area of WarehousesTotal floating units
totalwaterlandCargoes (million tons)Container (TEU)Passenger (million passenger)Tuglaunch
East Port said301614General Cargo: 1.8-1.3= millon tons/yearBulk Cargo:15.6 million tons/yearRoro:800000 vehicle/yearTotal existing container+ under construction+planned=8.2 million container/year-712.4 km17.414.5 km242

- The average of unloading containers is 32 container/hr/crane

- The average of loading bulk is 20000 tons/day

- Minimum capacity of loading (bulk) is 12000 tons/day

- The port is working 24/7


Navigational passages Data:

The navigational passage length is 9.1 km/4.9 miles and its depth is 18.5 m . The eastern breakwater ‘s length is 2.3 km

Approach Area:

The breakwaters that protect the side channel entrance leading to the port.

Waiting Area:

The waiting area which is affiliated to Suez Canal Authority is located within the following coordinates:

Long. 32◦21' E

Lat.31◦ 13'N

The vessels stand waiting for entrance either to West Port Said port, or to cross Suez Canal via the north convoy, or to carry out activities of loading, un loading, bunkering, or supplying with provisions. The waiting area is divided into two sections:

1- North Waiting Area: It is located within the following coordinates: 31◦ 21.3'N and . 31◦24.8' N and Latitude:32◦ 16.2 E and 32◦ 20.2 E . It is dedicated for vessels with a great draught.

2-South Waiting Area: It is located within the Latitudes 31◦ 21.3 and 31◦ 22 and Longitudes 32◦ 16.2 E and 32◦ 20.6 E. It is dedicated for the reception of the rest of the vessels.


Pilotage and tugs in East Port Said are compulsory  and it is executed by pilots and tugs of Suez Canal Authority . The Suez Canal Authority provides services for vessels as it owns a large fleet includes the most modern marine tugs that offer these services.

Main Terminals in the port:

Container Terminal:

The total area for the container terminal is 1.2 million m2 and the annual capacity of the terminal is amounted 4.1 TEU and with an average capacity of 32 Container/hr /Crane

Multimodal Transport System and connection with the traffic hubs, roads, underground, and railways:

  • The port has road network and railways connect the port to Sinai Peninsula via roads .Moreover, there is the cross road (1) parallel to Suez Canal and towards South of Sinai ,Suez Canal cities, Cairo, and International Coastal Road to Alexandria both through the tunnels of (3rd July-Tahia Misr-Ismailyia- Ahmed Hamdy) and by the ferries and floating bridges over the Suez Canal in addition to the 30th June Pivotal road towards Qantara/ El Salehya El Gedida/Ismailiya/Fayed/Suez/Ain Sukhna/Cairo)
  • There is a railway inside the port (whose operation and connection with El Fardan Bridge is under study)
  • The port has a truck yard with a maximum capacity of 483 truck includes 32 reefer container linked electronically with the container terminal and a building for investors service, cafeterias, and (4) workshops.

The Port Gate:


There is the main gate of the port and there are also (3) integrated automated are still under construction.

Supply and Provision:

Vessels can get all their needs of fresh food products and necessary spare parts .Moreover, the port offers fresh water and oil supply services.

(2) licenses for ship supply  were issued and the services will be available on 1st August 2022.

Address: The Administrative Building of the General Administration of East Port Said Port - in front of the trucks yard and opposite door (5) of the container terminal.

Tel: 06634502020 - 0663450200

Fax: 0663348262