Affliated Company:

– The Arab Company for Petroleum Pipelines (SUMED).


– The port of Sidi Kerir is located on the Mediterranean coast at kilo 29 on the Alexandria-Matruh Desert Road.

Port activity:

– Transporting oil from the Gulf of Suez to the Mediterranean through pipelines.

Port Activity:

Receiving crude oil and shipping oil tankers.

General description of the port:

  • The port is located on the Mediterranean Sea in Sidi Kerir to serve the ships and locomotives of the SUMED company dedicated to the services of mooring and shipping oil tankers. Oil pollution All navigational aids are available in the Sidi Kerir port area.
  • Waves: up to 5.6 metres.
  • Current: up to 1 knot.
  • Tidal: up to 0.6 metres.
  • Winds: up to 40 knots.
  • There are 6 mooring buoys for loading oil tankers up to 350,000 DWT at distances exceeding 5 km from the shore, installed at depths ranging between 25 and 35 meters.