longitude 33o 57′ E
latitude 26o 44′ N
Port Data
Port ID Number (ISPS Code) 17891
Approval Date 24/8/2009
Time Zone +2 GMT
VHF 12 16
Natural Characteristics
Weather Prevailing winds are north west and south east
Water Density 1.04 g/cm3
Raining Season Winter
Tidal range and flow 1.2 m. to 2.1 m.

Port Description:


The port is located in the Red Sea Governorate on the western coast of the Red Sea. It is a broad bay (natural gulf) on a distance of 60 km. south of Hurgada and at a distance of 225 nm. south of Suez port. This broad bay is naturally protected from the eastern and the northern sides by Safaga Island, and protected from the prevailing western winds by mountains. Yet, for a short period of time, It is affected by southern winds (El-Azeeb) which causes disturbances and waves inside the port . The port drafts are deep, which enable the port to receive the large vessels.

Port Specifications:

Total Port Area : 57153000 m2
Water Area : 5649000 m2
Land Area : 663000 m2
Total Yards Area : 200159 m2

The maximum design capacity (absorption) is 6.37 million tons per year, as follows:

  • General cargo 2.2 million tons.
  • Dry Bulk 4.17 million tons (coal - aluminum).
  • Working hours 24 hours a day (Wardy system).


Approach Area:

Vessels should approach the northern boundary of the island at sunrise, and at Safaga Port early in the morning and coral reefs will appear clearly behind them. A lighthouse, clearly viewed at the distance of 1.6 km. is built on the southern cape of Safaga Island. Ship masters should sail round the cape, and keep 925 m. away from the cleary visible coral reefs.except for all passengers and tourist vessels that enter the port at any time during the day.


Pilotage is compulsory. Pilots board vessels at the inner edge of the entrance channel. The port provides VHF and radar controlled pilotage.


Towage Charges 275 US$ / hour for foreign vessels, and 175 L.E. / hour for Egyptian vessels, at least 3 hours.

Pilotage Crafts:

Pilot Rank Number of Pilots
Senior Pilot 2
Second Pilot 3


Detailed Berths Information

Berth Number Berth Type Length (m.) Depth (m.) Number of Bollards
Berth 2 ، 3 passenger & general cargo 440 10 --
Berth (1) Grains Dry Bulk 290 12 --
Berth (4) Aluminum Aluminum berth 281.4 10 --
Abu Tartourr Berths (5) mining berth 260 14 --
Ras Hagaria Berth (6) mining Berth 56 10 --
Total 1327.4 -- --

Marine units (2) tugboats

No. Unit Name Propeller Type Build Date Current Place Main Dimensions Gross Tonnage Main Mchines Speed(knots) Tensile Strength (Tons)
Height Width Depth Draft Horse Power Type
1 Salah El Tobgy Traditional 2013 Safaga port 34.9 11.5 4.8 5.91 300 2500*2 Yanmar 12 50
2 Ibrahim Awad Traditional 2014 Safaga port 25 9 3.6 2.8 290 1300*2 Yanmar 12 30

Port Services and Facilities:


  • Port Authority's Gate.
  • Emergency Gate 1, 2.
  • Railway trains entrnce and departure Gate.
  • Passengers terminal's entrans & departure's Gate(1, 2).
  • Trucks entrance & departure Gate.

Bunkering and Supplies

  1. Fresh water - Solar.
  2. Diesel - Spare parts.
  3. Oils - Light fuel.
  4. Machinery requirements - Heavy fuel.
  5. Maritime equipments and publications.
  6. Accomodation requirements.
  7. Food stuff - Waste water reception.
  8. Fumigation.
  9. Towing and Tuging
  10. Cleaning fees: 5% of total fees for all vessel types except for general cargo vessels 3%.
  11. A dock for repair operations is available.

Security, Safety and Environmental Preservation Properties

  • Medical care.
  • Security.
  • Fire fighting.
  • Pollution combating/prevention.
Address Safaga Port, The Red Sea
Telephone 065- 3256018
Fax 065- 3253976
المحطة الردارية يوصى بإستخدام محطة راديو السويس لإرسال الرسائل على المدى البعيد ويمكن الاتصال عن طريق (القمر الصناعى).