longitude31o 48′ E
latitude31o 23′ N
Port Data
Port ID Number (ISPS Code)17373
Approval Date9/11/2009
Time Zone+2 GMT
Natural Characteristics
Water Density1.025 g/cm3
Raining SeasonAutumn – winter
Tidal range and flow0.61 m.


ً Damietta Port is located at 10.5 km. west of the Nile river of Damietta branch west Ras El-Bar, and at 70 km. away from Port Said Port. The port installations extend over an area of 11.8 sq. Km. The port is bordered by an imaginary line connecting the two ends of the eastern and western external breakwaters.

Entrance Channel:

11.4 km. long, 15 m. deep, and 300 m. wide gradually decreasing to reach 250 m. at the breakwater fringe, the approach channel is bordered by 18 nightly-lit buoys with an external waiting area and alarge turning circle facilitating the enterance berthing and departure of vessels day and night all the year.


The western breakwater is 1640 m. long with 140 m. land-based and 1500 m. sea-based area. The eastern breakwater is 750 m. long with 200 m. land-based and 550 sea-based area. Both breakwaters are made of stacked artificial acrobod piles topped with a concrete head.

Barge Channel:

The barge channel consists of two sections; one is 1350 m. long connecting the barge dock to the sea and the other is 3750 m. long connecting the basin to the Nile branch. The barge dock area is 250x250 m comprising a 250 m. long, 5m. deep quay.

Turning Dock:

The turning dock diameter is 500 m. with 14.5 m. depth at the container berth, and 12 m. depth at the general cargo berth.

Port Specifications:

Water Area:3331238 m2
Land Area:8539309 m2
Total Area:11870547 m2
Total Warehouses Area:281546 m2
Total Yards Area:833834 m2
Total Silos Area:98304 m2

Maximum capacity 19.75 million tons annually,as follows:

  • 7 million ton (General Cargo).
  • 7.50 million ton (Dry Bulk).
  • Liquid bulk 3.9 million tons.
  • 5.25 million tons containerized cargo.
  • TEU Capacity 1.2 million TEUs.
  • Working Hours Throughout 24 hours (in 3 shifts).

Navigation Channels:

  • Entrance Channel 11.3 km. Length, 300 m. width, 15 m. depts.
  • Barge Channel 4.5 km. length, 90 m. width, 5 m. depth


  • Pilotage is compulsory.
  • Pilotage charges are payable in accordance with decree 60/1988 (for Egyptian vessels) and decree 73/1988 (for foreign vessels). Transshipment Containers are granted a 20-50% discount according to decree 40/1990. Transit Container vessels between the Egyptian ports are granted a 75% discount.

Berths Information according to their types:

Berth TypeNumber of BerthsAuxiliary BerthsLength (m.)Depth (m.)
Container44 ، 3 ، 2 ، 1105014.5
General Cargo48 ،7 ، 6 ،580012
Bulk412 ، 11 ، 10 ، 990012
Grains214 ، 1360014.5
Multi-purpose215 ، 1660014.5

Port Services and Facilities

  • The containers gate.
  • The combined gate (MOBCO - Exports).
  • The Exports gate (general cargo - Ras El Bar).
  • kafr El Bateekh main gate.

Supply and Bunkering:

  • Bunkering vessels: The water is available in 3 tanks of 2300m2 capacity.
  • taps are available on all berths Fresh water Food stuff.
  • Accomodation requirements Electrical requirements Machinery requirements Oils Fumigation Security.
  • Safety and Environmental Preservation capabilities.
  • Fumigation

Safety and Environmental Preservation capabilities:

  • Medical facilities.
  • Pollution prevention.
  • Fire fighting.
  • Rescue operations.
Damietta Port Authority
AddressDamietta Port Authority. P.O. Box. 13 Damietta.
Telephone2290942 - 2290941 - 057/2290940
Port Security officer
Telephone2290940 - 2290941 - 2290942 - 2290944 - 2290954 - 2290956/ 057
Radio Terminal Channel14 for Naval Services.
Radar Tower Externaltelphone: 2290964 – Wireless channel 14.