longitude32o 18′ E
latitude31o 15′ N
Port Data
Port ID Number (ISPS Code)040009
Approval Date17/1/2004
Time Zone+2 GMT
VHF13 16
Natural Characteristics
Water Density1.025 g/cm3
Raining Seasonwinter
Tidal range and flow0.3 m.

Port Description


Port Said port is located on the Northern entrance of the Gulf of Suez. It is considered one of the main Egyptian ports due to its distinguished location at the crossroad of the most important world sea trade route between the East and Europe via Suez Canal, and the most extensive transshipment port in the world. The port is bordered, seaward, by an imaginary line extending 0.5 N.M. from the western breakwater boundary till the eastern breakwater end. From the Suez Canal area, it is bordered by an imaginary line extending transversely from the southern bank of the Canal connected to Manzala Lake, To the railways arcade livestock.

Port Specifications

Total Area3 km2 (3000895 m2).
Water Area1.7 km2 (1733800 m2).
Land Area1.3 km2 (1267095 m2).
Total Warehouse Area90000 m2
Container Yard Area435000 m2.
Total Customs Zoneport boundaries
Tanks Area109473,4 m2.

Maximum Capacity 12,175 million tons / year as follows:

  • General Cargo: 4,9 million tons.
  • Dry bulk cargoes: 2,54 million tons.
  • Containerized cargo:4,735 million tons.
  • The number of TEU: 800000 TEUs.
  • Passenger: 300,000 passengers.
  • Container discharging rate: 25 containers/hrs.
  • Working Hours 24 hour daily

 Navigation Waterways:

Main Channel: 8 km. Length, 13.72m. depth. East Verge waterway: 19.5 km. length, 18.29m. depth

Approach Area:

Breakwaters: Two breakwaters protect the port entrance channel. the western breakwater is about 3.5 miles long, and the eastern breakwater is about 1.5 miles long.

Waiting Area

The Suez Canal dwelling area is located between latitudes 31 21 N and 31 25 N and longitudes 32 16.2 E and 32 20.6 E, where vessels awaiting to enter Port-Said Port stay, whether to join the North convoy to cross the Suez Canal to carry out stevedoring operations or to be supplied with provisions and bunkers. The waiting area is divided into two sections:

- The Northern Area: located between latitudes 31 23.4 N and 31 24.8 N and longitudes 32 16.2 E and 32 20.2 E, allocated for vessels with deep drafts.

- The Southern Area: located between latitudes 31 21.3 N and 31 22 N and longitudes 32 16.2 E and 32 20.6 E, allocated for all vessel types.


Pilotage is compulsory in Port-Said west Port, and it is performed by the Suez Canal Authority, in return for fixed fees.


Berths Information according to their types

Berth TypeNumber BerthsAuxiliary BerthsLength (m.)Depth (m.)
General Cargo813,14,15,16,18,19,20,2191058.2
Multi-Purpose(container)526,27,28, 29,3060613.213.2
Petroleum services331,32,335753.63.6
Sailboat (services)211,122453.63.6
Barge and Tug47,8,9,104103.63.6
Salt Shipping and services1342607.27.2
services launch161003.63.6

Services and facilities at the port


Gate No. 20 Exit  small cars

Gate No. 21 Entry  Small cars until 3pm and then it closes

Gate No. 34 Entry   outgoing trucks

Gate No. 30 Entry and Exit  Free zone from 8 am to 5 pm

Gate No. 35 Exit  inbound trucks

Gate No. 36 Entry of all types of exports

Gate No. 37 Entry and Exit  cargo train

Gate No. 40 is only for Port Said Container Company exit to the outside yard

Gate No. 41 Petroleum Companies

Gate No. 42 of the Egyptian Oil Company

 Gate No. 43 in front of Gate 42 dedicated to warehouses and Mobil Petroleum

Gate 5 is currently closed

Gate No. 1 is closed because there are no cruise ships

Gate No. 2 is closed because there are no cruise ships

Gate No. 8, entry to the tourist walk

Gate 10 is closed

Bunkering and Supplies:

Ship supplies: Ships can obtain all their needs of fresh food as well as from fresh water, and the port has all the medical services needed by ships, and one of the features of Port Said Port ( West) The places where the supply service is provided for these ships during their transit without the need to stop at the port.

Ship repair: This main activity is carried out in Port Said Port (west) of the Port Said Naval Shipyard of the Suez Canal Authority. It currently owns three floating docks, the first with a tonnage of 25,000 tons, the second with a cargo of 10,000 tons, and the third with a cargo of 5,000 tons, and it provides its services to transiting ships. For the channel or frequented on the port, the shipyard also builds new ships, which is a new and vital industry that deserves attention and development.


AddressPort Said Port Authority, Intersection of Mostafa Kamel and Azmy Street
Telephone(066) 3348210 – 3348269
Fax(066) 3348262
TelexPORTA UN 3223