Affliated Company:

– The governorate of Kafr El-Sheikh, in its capacity as the owner of the port, is the competent authority to issue instructions for maintenance and development.


– The fishing port of Burullus is located on the Mediterranean coast, bordered on the north by the Mediterranean Sea, on the south by Lake Burullus and the international coastal road, on the east by the Burullus strait and the city of Burj Al Burullus, and on the west by a vacant land owned by the state.

31° 34′ E26° 58′ NA

Port activity:

  • Receiving and docking all types of motorized fishing boats that operate in the Mediterranean Sea (with traction, hooks and chancholas).
  • Supplying all boats with administrative needs (foodstuffs – petroleum – ice – water).
  • Unloading fish production on the docks and distributing it for completion after preparing it for sale.
  • Carrying out maintenance work for boats through the maintenance workshop and the mechanical chisel.

Port Data:

Trading Volume:At a rate of one to three times a week, and the duration of standing on the pier to unload fish is from one to two hours at a time.
Create Decision:none
Total Area:75 acres
Wild space:52 acres
Marine area:23 acres