longitude32o 29′ E
latitude29o 52′ N
Port Data
Port ID Number (ISPS Code)14689
Approval Date21/7/2009
Time ZoneGMT +2
VHF12 16
Natural Characteristics
Weatherprevailing winds are north and north west
Water Density1.04 g/cm3
Raining Seasonwinter
Tidal range and flow1.2 m. to 2.1 m.


Adabiya port is situated on the western coast of Suez Gulf, and is 17 km. away from Suez City. It consists of 9 berths with estimate length of 1805m. and draft between 27 and 42 feet.

Water Area158 km2 (158073000 m2)(Including Suez, Adabiya And Petroleum Docks)
Land Area0.8 km2 (854000 m2)
  • Maximum Capacity 7.93 Million Tones Yearly:
  • Total yards and stronge area: 3700m2
  • 5.13 million ton (General cargo).
  • 2.8 million ton (Dry Bulk).
  • Working Hours: Throughout 24 hours (in 3 shifts).


Approach Area

Inner anchorage area is controlled by Suez Canal Authority and the reception of vessels is performed on the anchorage in the waiting area.


Pilotage is compulsory, and performed by pilots of the Suez Port. Available by night and day. Provided with navigational and electronic aids necessary for safe navigation 24 hours\daily.


Towage charges are 275 US$ \ hour for foreign vessels, and 175 L.E \ hour for Egyptian vessels, for a minimum of 3 hours.


Berths Information according to their types

Berth TypeNumber of BerthsAuxiliary BerthsLength (m.)Depth (m.)
General Cargo22,330099
Cargo & Dry Bulk24, 54251313
Cargo & Tourism46, 7, 8, 97301111

port Services and Facilities

  • Gates
  • OLd entry gate.
  • Old exit gate.
  • New entry gate.
  • New exit gate.
  • The silos gate.
  • Emergency gate.
  • cargo train gate.

Supply and Bunkering

  • Fresh water
  • Fuel
  • Light fuel
  • Heavy fuel
  • Crew exchange
  • Ship repair
  • Solar
  • Diesel
  • Spare parts
  • Polluted water reception
  • Foodstuff
  • Fumigation
  • Tugging and pilotage
  • Bunkering vessels
  • Cleaning fee:5% for all types of vessels,except for general cargo vessels that is 3%.

Security,Safety and Environmental Preservation Properties

  • Medical capabilities
  • Fire fighting
  • Pollution combating


Address:Suez, Port Tawfik – P.O. Box: 1