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(Zaytiyat Port) Petroleum Dock

الإحداثيات الجغرافية:

خط الطول (longitude) : 32o 31.8′ E
خط العرض (latitude) : 29o 57.2′ N

بيانات الميناء:

تاريخ الموافقة على المدونة الدولية(ISPS) : 19/11/2006
توقيت المنطقـة : جرينتش +2 ساعة
كود الموجة VHF : 12 16

Natural Characteristics:

Weather Prevailing winds are North and north west
Water Density 1.04 g/cm3
Raining Season Winter
Tidal range and flow 1.2 m. to 2.1 m.

Port Specifications

Water Area 158 km2 (158073000) m2
The area is shared among Suez, Adabiya and Petroleum Dock Ports)
Land Area 1.16 km.sq (1160000) m.sq

Maximum Capacity

  • Liquid Bulk: 4.14 million ton
  • Working hour : 24 hours daily



Pilotage is compulsory at the Petroleum Dock.


Berths Information according to their types

Berth Type Length (m.) Depth (m.)
Commercial Berth 128 9
Old Commercial Berth (Sourthern berth) 200 9
Scaffolds 1,2,3,4,5 500 9

Berths 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are cement berths (scaffolds) built into the sea for tankers with a capacity of 18 thousand tons. Berths are equipped with pipelines to receive any type of oil with a depth of 9 meters and the total lengths of scaffolds is 500 meters. There is also 11.5 meters deep panel outside the port to receive petroleum and natural gas tankers with tonnage upto a capacity 40 thousand tons and the maximum length of tankers allowed into the port is 169 meters, with a maximum draught of 9 meters.


  • Gate 1 for Enttrance & Departure.

Bunkering and Supplies

  • Fresh water
  • Solar
  • Food Stuff

Security, Safety and Environmental Preservation Properties

  • Medical care
  • Fire Fighting
  • Pollution combating/prevention.
Address Suez, Port Tawfik – P.O. Box: 1
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