Affliated Company:

– Egyptian company for the production of propylene and polypropylene.


– The area northwest of Port Said (Al-Jameel area), 11.6 km from the shoreline in the sea, northwest of Port Said.

Port activity:

– A floating berth to receive propylene and polypropylene gas.

Port Data:

– Capacity:Propane and propylene gas tankers with a capacity of 10: 20 thousand tons, It is planned to receive a ship every month with a total circulation of about 120,000 tons annually.
– Port Established:15/11/2016

Port General description:

  • A floating marina was established to receive tankers of propane and propylene gas in its liquid form and pump it through pipelines in the sea to the factory site, 11.6 km from West Port Said.

Berth equipment:

  • The berths are equipped according to the type of ships: there are no berths.
  • The water network.
  • beetroot Equipped with solar energy units for night lighting – 2 panels for each beetroot.
  • There are no preparations in the waters to supply the docked ships with the necessary utilities (water, fuel, electricity…).