The Arab Republic of Egypt, presented in the  Maritime Transport Sector,  has observed the 1st International Day for Women in Maritime on 18th of May 2022, in cooperation with the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, El Alamein Campus.

In line with IMO Empowerment of Women in Maritime, the IMO Assembly has adopted a resolution proclaiming an International Day for Women in Maritime, to be observed on  the 18th of May every year, in order to raise the profile of women in maritime.
Two Workshops have been held during the Observance to illustrate: “Challenges Facing Women in the Maritime Industry” & “Providing Job Opportunities to Maritime Female Graduates”.
Inspiring Stories of Success have been presented during the Observance to highlight the Vital Role of Women in this industry.
Exemplary Female Employees working in Maritime Sector have been honored by giving them Honor Shield encarving the Logo of the International Day of Women in Maritime.