Within the framework of comprehensive  development of maritime transport  policy, Vice admiral/ Kamel ElWazir, transport ministry has witnessed signing ceremony of  4 giant berth cranes (STS ) for multi-purpose terminal at Alex port  which are to be implemented  on berths 55-62 at Alexandria port with a cost of  650 million Egyptian pounds, this between Egyptian Group company for multipurpose terminals and Hixy company for heavy equipment; a Chinese international  company  specialized in manufacturing giant cranes  of container handling terminals. The contract was signed by rear admiral/ Abd Elkader Darwish head of directors of Egyptian Group and Mr. Don Hitchi, head of board of directors of Hixy Company. In his word transport minister has welcomed head of the company and its delegation in their first cooperation with Egyptian transport ministry especially that this signature comes after a strong competitiveness of the Chinese company with specialized international companies in this field, which shows the company’s capabilities in this field and its strong existence in international market. The minister has assured to his looking forward to more cooperation between the two sides, especially after Egyptian transport ministry implementing project of establishing and developing terminals in all ports of: Dekheila, Damieetta, Suhkhna and Safaga. The minister has asked the Chinese company to condense schedule to import equipment and participate in training and rehabilitating Egyptian crew who will work on such cranes also training Egyptian workers and engineers to operate the equipment after arrival in Alex also training workers to mend and maintain them Head of the company mentioned that 28 engineer and technician will be trained, the minister has also added that signing of this contract comes within the plan of importing first stage equipment  to operate the terminal with a cost of 1.5 milliard and that it is expected to contract on yards equipment during the coming period