In line with the directives of the political leadership to develop the Egyptian Ports, upgrade the infrastructure and superstructure in order to enable Egypt to evolve into a global Trade and Logistics Center and to place Egypt on the world map among the ranks of countries of state-of-the-art port performances, taking into account the environmental and sustainable development requirements in order to achieve the Egypt Vision 2030.

Lt. Gen. Eng. Kamel El Wazir -Minister of Transport, accompanied with R.ADM/Reda Ismail -Head of Maritime Transport Sector, R.ADM/ Nehad Shahin – Chairman of the Board of Directors of General Authority for Alexandria Port, and R.ADM/Abd El Qader Darwish ,Chairman of the Egyptian Group for Multipurpose Terminals as well as the Heads of the contributing parties took an inspection tour to “TAHYA MISR” Multipurpose Terminal on quay no. 55/62 in the General Authority for Alexandria Port in order to follow up the experimental operation of the terminal.

The inspection tour started with the Minister’s visit to the terminal, which included the reception of the M/V “CMA CGM THAMES” Container Vessel, affiliated to “CMA” Shipping Line on the terminal quay, carrying 10,000 containers. The length of the vessel is (300) meters and its weight is (95,263) tons.

Lt. Gen. Eng. / Kamel Al Wazir affirmed that the terminal is considered one of the major projects carried out by the Ministry in the field of maritime transport as it includes handling yards of 500,000 m2 divided into 3 genres (containers- General Cargo- Vehicles). The three handling terminals have the capability to handle (12,000,000 to 15,000,000 tons/year) and receive (6 – 7) vessels of hefty tonnages simultaneously. The Terminal Quays lengths amount to (2450 m) ,which qualify it to receive mega ships with a maximum draught is (17.5 m) .He also added that
it is considered to be one of the main tributaries to the logistic terminal, established behind the port which contributes to raising the classification of the Port of Alexandria. Furthermore, this project is expected to employ Egyptian Labor force with a percentage over than 95%, which in turn will provide about 1500 direct job opportunities and 2000 indirect job opportunities.

He added also that the goal of this terminal is to be a smart green terminal operated by state-of-the-art stevedoring and handling equipment either in respect of containers or general cargoes.
The construction of the terminal infrastructure took two years, while the superstructure required 6 months.

According to plan the terminal is set out to be inaugurated by His Excellency the Egyptian President Abd El Fattah El Sissy after Eid al-Fitr; “the Festival of Breaking the Fast.”.

“TAHYA MISR” Multipurpose Terminal is the first terminal to be built exclusively by Egyptian funds, commissioning an Egyptian consultant, and wholly owned by three Egyptian Public Authorities. operated by the French company CMA.

For the operation and management of the Terminal Egypt appointed renowned international company specialized in management and operation, owning shipping lines that ranked second among the international shipping lines worldwide; it is the French Company CMA which owns M/V “CMA CGM THAMES” that arrived at the multi-purpose Tahya-Misr terminal, with 10, 000 containers on board.

This Terminal is established within the framework of The Great Port of Alexandria Plan, which comprises the ports of Alexandria, Dekheila and Abu Qir, where breakwaters are being constructed for the great port of Alexandria with a length of 5 km.