Lieutenant General Kamel Al-Wazir, Minister of Transport, confirmed during his visit to a subsidiary of the Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport that, since assuming the post of Transport Minister, he pledged to President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and to Egyptian citizens to bring the organizations and companies of the Ministry of Transport to the forefront of State Institutions, and that this will be achieved with the collaboration of the Ministry’s workforces. Hence, Attention to the human element is one of the main pillars in the enhancement of the Transportation System. He stressed the need of attending to the workforce morale.

He noted the importance of container handling companies «Damietta – Alexandria – Port Said» exerting all efforts in the field of handling containers and cargoes, transporting and storing them in the designated supplementary storing facilities, continuing repair and maintenance work for containers, managing and operating multi-purpose terminals in various ports, while applying various procedures and mechanisms of cargo transport companies affiliated to the Holding Company in order to establish strong entities capable of competing with private sector companies and the constant improvement of shipping agencies companies to provide the best levels of service in the field of domestic and external tourism, booking spaces and shipping cargoes on foreign ships, container transport, customs clearance, cargo handling and storage within customs areas, and continuous development The Egyptian Warehouses Company and the stevedoring companies and supplying them with state-of-the-art equipment.

The Minister explained that a comprehensive plan is being implemented to restore the strength of the commercial fleet, as new ships are being purchased for the maritime shipping companies affiliated with the Ministry of Transport, including the National Navigation Company, as the number of commercial ships in the National Navigation Company has reached 13 ships (12 bulk vessels – 1 container ship). The last of these ships purchased to bolster the company’s fleet was “WADI ALMOLOUK”.

He added, “We are racing against time to launch the commercial fleet, in an effort to contribute effectively to the transfer of Egypt’s foreign trade, and to benefit from the volume of trade with Europe and East Africa by operating shipping lines for Egyptian ships passing through North Africa, then heading to Europe and other lines to East Africa.”