A workshop was held to acquaint seafarers with the provisions of the Maritime Labor Convention, to which Egypt recently acceded, in order to ensure the maintenance and protection of the rights of Egyptian seafarers.

The team of the International Transport Workers Federation Team “ITF” consisted of: Mr. Steve Trousdale (Federation Inspector Coordinator), Mr. Jonathan Waring (Chief Legal Adviser), Mr. Muhammad Al-Rashidi (Federation Network Coordinator for Arab World and Iran Communications) and Dr. Syed Asif Altaf (Coordinator of the International Mental Health and Safety Program). The work shop was attended by representatives of the Maritime Transport Sector, seafarers unions, many seafarers, and some recent graduates of the Arab Academy for Science and Technology.

During the workshop, emphasis was placed on the protection provided by the Convention for the rights of ship owners, seafarers and governments alike. The provisions of the Agreement relating to the maritime work contract and the responsibilities of shipping companies and agencies that employ seafarers were also introduced, as well as the certificates that must be available onboard ships under the Agreement. The responsibilities of the Authority liable for enforcing Port Stat Control activities were also reviewed.

Seafarers’ complaints about the obstacles they encountered while visiting foreign ports were also heard. They were also briefed on the efforts exerted by the Maritime Transport Sector in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to overcome these obstacles in deliberations held with the relevant foreign Competent Authorities.

 The efforts of the Maritime Transport Sector in cooperation with the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and the Professional Union of Maritime Officers to solve the problems of abandoned seafarers with regard to their due salaries and the provision of appropriate food and drink were also discussed. In this context, Mr. Steve Trosdale stressed the importance of seafarers joining the professional unions recognized by the ITF, as the Federation gives priority to solving the problems of seafarers who are members of the unions.

It was coordinated with the ITF team to hold a workshop for shipping companies, ship owners, and shipping agencies to raise awareness of their rights, obligations, and responsibilities within the framework of the Maritime Labor Agreement, provided that the invitation for attending the Workshop is conducted by the Maritime Transport Sector as soon as the timing of its convening is determined in coordination with the ITF.