Alexandria port authority takes precedence over A.R.E ports with regard s to the volume of trade traffic where about 60% of Egypt foreign trade is handled through it. Alexandria city is located at the western edge of the river Nile between the Mediterranean sea and Maryout lake and is considered second important city in the Arab Republic of Egypt and its main port where three fourth of the country’s foreign trade passes through it. There are two ports at Alexandria (Eastern port) and (Western port) with a peninsula separating in between. The former port is shallow and thus not used in navigation, where it has not been upgraded or developed for several years. Yet a comprehensive plan has been set forth to totally develop it.

And includes the Port Authority of Alexandria two ports are as follows:

  1. Alexandria Port.
  2. El-Dekheila Port.


Alexandria Port Authority(Main Port)
Chairman of Port Authority
Address106,El-Horreya Avenue – Alexandria
Telephone03/4874322- 4843532
Mail Number26514 (shalalat garden mail)
Building Gate 4 (Previously 11)
Telephone03/4806317 – 4800304 – 4800546
Maritime Platform
Telephone03/4805320 – 4800100 – 4800201
Radar Tower
Telephone03/4804633 – 4805116 – 4803992
Port Radio Station
Vibrationbetween(156.3 – 158)MHZ 17 / 67 / 16- 13/10 Canal for maritime Services – 14 For Pilots and tugs.
General Department for Data Center
AddressDoor (1) Gamark
Door 27
AddressDoor 27
Telephone03/4837161 – 03/4837165 (5 Lines)
El-Dekheila Port
Telephone03/4460124 – 03/4460126 03/4460130(3 Lines)