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Red Sea Ports Authorities

The development of the ports of Red Sea Ports Authority

The costs of the development works in El Adabeya, Nuweibaa, and Hurghada reached 600 million L.E. R. Adm. Mamdouh Draz – the Chairman of the Authority- signed two contracts with the Arab Contractors Co. in order to develop the ports of El Adabey and Nuweibaa and with Wadi El Nile Co. for the development of Hurghada port. The development plan aims at raising the quality of the services provided to minor pilgrimage passengers, pilgrims and tourists as well as the establishment of terminals for passengers arrival/departure according to the latest technologies and re-planning the ports to operate in the transport of passengers and cargo handling for the benefit of national economy.

The General Authority for Red Sea Ports includes six ports, which are as follows:

  •  Suez port (Port Tawfik).
  • Sharm El Sheikh port.
  • Nuweiba port.
  • Hurghada port.
  • Safaga port.
  • Petroleum Dock Port.


Suez port& Petroleum Dock port
Address Suez Port, Port Tawfik – P.O. Box: 1.
Telephone 062/3191124 – 3191123
Fax 062/3191117 – 3191120 (Mogama building)
Suez Safaga
Address Safaga port – Red sea
Telephone 065/3256018
Fax 065/3253976
Noueibah port
Address Noueibah port – South of Sinaa
Telephone 069/520364
Fax 069/520368
Sharm El-Sheikh
Address Sharm El-Sheikh – South of Sinaa.
Telephone 069/3660209
Fax 069/3660557

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