The Ministry of Transport published a video of the “TAHYA MISR” Multi-Purpose Terminal in Alexandria Port. The terminal was recently established in Alexandria Port, and is now operating on an experimental basis, as the terminal comprises the most cutting-edge and largest automatically operated cranes for unloading and loading giant ships.

For his part, the Minister of Transport, L.G. Eng. Kamel Al-Wazir, confirmed that the terminal is considered one of the major projects implemented by the Ministry in the field of Maritime Transport, as it includes handling yards of 500,000 m3 and is divided into 3 handling terminals (containers – general cargo – vehicles). The terminal has the capacity to handle 12 – 15 million tons of cargoes annually and receive 6 – 7 ships with large tonnages simultaneously.

The length of the terminal’s berths is estimated at 2450 linear meters, which qualifies the terminal to receive vessels with large tonnages, as the maximum depth reaches 17.50 meters.

The Minister also added that it is one of the main tributaries of the logistics terminal established at the hinterland of the port, which contributes to raising the classification of Alexandria port.

The Minister then pointed out that it is expected that the Terminal employs an Egyptian workforce; with a percentage of more than 95%, which in turn provides about 1,500 direct jobs and 2,000 indirect jobs.