I am pleased to welcome you to the official website of the Maritime Transport Sector.

Seaports are the main core of the Maritime Transport Industry, where more than 80% of the volume of world trade is transported. Maritime transport bears the responsibility of transporting strategic and vital commodities and cargoes necessary for human life all over the world.

Since its inception in 1961, the Maritime Transport Sector aims to develop and increase the competitiveness of Egyptian Maritime Transport by achieving integration among Egyptian seaports to enhance competitiveness with neighboring ports in order to entice shipping lines and investments; native and foreign, as well as facilitate trade and transform Egypt into a global center for energy, trade, and logistics at the regional, African and global levels;

The strategy of the Ministry of Transport is not limited only to the concept of transporting cargoes and passengers, but it also includes the implementation of the concept of sustainable development – Egypt’s Vision 2030 – by providing and integrating efficient and top-quality transport networks to achieve development requirements in all its economic and social dimensions and to execute major national projects in all fields.

The Maritime Transport Sector, in light of the presidential and ministerial directives, is constantly upgrading and evolving to keep pace with international standards in the field of Maritime Transport in cooperation with all stakeholders involved in the maritime transport industry.