During its meeting, chaired by Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, the Council of Ministers approved several decrees, namely:

  • The Council of Ministers approved the draft Presidential Decree approving the Maritime Labor Convention MLC2006 and Egypt’s accession to it, on account of its positive impacts in increasing direct and indirect revenues of the State, including marketing of Egyptian maritime labor locally and internationally.
  • The International Labor Organization founded this Agreement with the aim of establishing duties and obligations related to providing adequate working conditions for workers on board Vessels, taking into account international standards on ship safety and maritime security, and requirements for seafarers’ competence and training, as they apply to all Vessels engaged in commercial activities, other than Vessels operating in Fishing, or traditionally built, warships or auxiliary warships, and the Agreement entered into international force in 2013, and the number of countries joining it reached 97, representing 91% of the global merchant marine fleet.
  • The Council of Ministers approved a draft Presidential Decree approving the Agreement establishing the International Maritime Navigational Aids Organization, signed in Paris on January 26, 2022, which is an intergovernmental organization of an advisory and technical nature.
  • The organization aims to enhance the safety and efficiency of ship traffic by improving and harmonizing maritime navigational aids worldwide in the best interest of the maritime community and protecting the marine environment, as well as enhancing the benefit from technical cooperation and capacity-building in all matters related to the development and transfer of scientific and technological expertise and knowledge related to marine navigational aids, as well as encouraging and facilitating the wide adoption of the highest possible standards in marine navigational aids, and enabling the exchange of information on matters under consideration by the Organization.
  • The Council of Ministers approved a draft Presidential Decree to allocate an area of about 10 acres of land owned by the State, in the district of MINYA Governorate, for the benefit of the governorate, to be used in establishing a crusher to handle construction waste.
  • The Council of Ministers approved a draft Presidential Decree regarding allocating an area of about two acres of land owned by the State, in “KOM ABU RADI” District, in BENI SUEIF Governorate, for the benefit of the governorate, to be used in establishing a technical school for applied technology.
  • This comes within the framework of the directives of the political leadership to advance the educational aspect in its various stages and types and to establish the necessary schools to meet student densities, which epitomizes great importance to evolution plans in general.
  • The Council of Ministers approved the request submitted by the Ministry of Environment regarding the issuance of a periodical bulletin for Ministers, Governors and Competent Authorities to fulfil the data on environmental impact assessment studies received from the competent administrative authorities, to work on the speedy declaration of the environmental assessment of these studies by the committee formed by the Environmental Affairs Agency, as well as to expedite the issuance of environmental approvals for projects, and to facilitate procedures for investment.

This committee is responsible for evaluating the environmental impact assessment studies for which data are required to be completed by each Administrative Authority, as well as expressing the environmental perspective related to those projects within a week from the date of completing the required data, with the understanding that competent administrative authorities shall request the expeditious completion of the requested data from investors, as well as present proposals and recommendations regarding Environmental Impact Assessment Studies for which data have not been fulfilled, and presentation of a monthly report on the results of its work, including the number of projects whose data have been delivered and projects whose data have not been provided.