The exhibition and conference was under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, with the massive participation of major institutions, companies and local and international officials. Transport shows the extent of the wide benefit that is reflected on the participants in the exhibition, which will provide a vital platform for exchanging experiences and learning about the amazing progress in the field of transport in Egypt in all its sectors, as well as successful experiences around the world, and to see the latest innovations that have been developed inside and outside Egypt during the recent period, in In light of the country’s adoption of long-term strategies to enhance infrastructure and urban renaissance. The exhibition and conference this year focus, through a large number of seminars, on presenting everything new in the projects of the Ministry of Transport. The focus was on green, sustainable and environment-friendly transportation, as well as presenting the state’s vision and investment opportunities in the field of transportation and transportation projects in the various fields of transportation and logistics centers at the state level. . The Maritime Transport Sector hosted several discussion sessions moderated by Major General Reda Ismail, Head of the Maritime Transport Sector, one of the most important of them. Developing the competitive capabilities of the Egyptian seaports, Egypt Vision 2030, and maximizing yacht tourism as well as the Egyptian maritime transport industry, which provides an opportunity for experts and those interested in knowing the achievements of Egyptian maritime transport. In the context of strengthening relations between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the People’s Republic of China in light of the directives of the political leadership to strengthen and advance bilateral relations between the two countries and support the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative, a declaration of brotherly intent was signed between the Chinese port of Guangzhou, which included the signing ceremony that took place virtually during the Fourth Conference on Transport Intelligent and Logistics Speech by the representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry about his ministry’s keenness to enhance economic and political cooperation between the two countries and a speech by the Consul General of China in Alexandria and a speech by Major General Reda Ismail – Head of the Maritime Transport Sector included the importance of maritime and port cooperation for the countries on the Silk Road Initiative as an initiative development at the regional and international levels, and the fact that the declaration was signed during the year in which it celebrates the birth of It marked 65 years for the harmful diplomatic relations with China and emphasized the importance of strengthening maritime cooperation. The ceremony of the virtual celebration was concluded with the signing of the President of Alexandria Port and the President of Guangzhou Port to declare intent.