Project objective:

  • Achieve geographical connectivity between the ports of Alexandria and Dekheila through the establishment of the middle port (Al-Max Port).
  • Designing terminals with depths and specifications that allow receiving the state-of-the-art vessels, as well as adopting topnotch technological standards to keep up with the fierce competition in the maritime transport industry.
  • Increasing the capacity for cargo handling and storage by adding berths and land yards to accommodate the expected increases, as well as attracting more Mediterranean maritime transport traffic and increasing transshipment trade.
  • Achieving compatibility between the investment ventures at the port and advocating the participation of public and private sectors in line with the State’s macroeconomic schemes and its economic and trade policy.
  • Achieving coastal protection for the seashore of the Great Port of Alexandria via the construction of a new breakwater to face up to climatic changes, as well as overcoming seasonal weather fluctuations in Alexandria, thus reducing port closure periods.
  • Achieving compatibility with environmental and technological systems and standards to fulfill the initiative to transform the port into a smart green port.
  • Maximize the potentials of multi-modal transport.

Project Description:

– Number of specialized terminals:6 + Fishermen Gouna
– Number of berths:22 berths
– The total length of berths:7.10 km
– Depth of berths:up to 18 m
– The expected annual production volume:40-45 million tons