Project objective:

  • Increasing the handling of: ready-made cargoes, wheat, corn and soybeans at the port of Dekheila, which doubles the capacity of the port and helps supporting the State’s strategy to achieve food security goals.
  • The project will contribute to absorbing the expected surplus demand in the port in particular and throughout the country in general, which will help relieve pressure on the current berths, yards and warehouses, as well as achieve greater availability of these consumer goods in the markets.
  • The establishment of the project will positively affect the attenuation of the problem of ships waiting outside the port, as a result of the seasonality that characterizes grain traffic in the port, which helps to avoid incurring huge sums of money in delay fines, which are borne by the final consumer and are added to the cost of consumer cargoes.

Project Description:

– Berth length:1164 meters
– Depth:16 meters
– Hinterland:300,000 m2