Project objective:

  • Serving value-added industries.
  • Alleviating the traffic burden on the port and the governorate and transferring it to the logistical hinterland directly at the coastal axis.
  • Maximizing the capacity for handling and storage spaces of Alexandria Port.
  • Revitalizing river transport across the Port of Alexandria.
  • Maximizing the potentials of railway transportation by attaining connectivity to the existing railway lines in the Port of Alexandria.
  • Enhancing the economic magnitude and the logistical importance of Alexandria Governorate at the national and international levels through value-added projects to be implemented within the framework of the project.

Project Description:

The project consists of a total area of about 600 acres south of Alexandria port, which constitutes an extension of the first logistical area that has already been annexed to the port and is located on an area of 273.7 acres.