Alexandria Port Authority

Investment opportunities at Alexandria port

Short term plans(2018/2019):

  • Constructing and importing 2 launch combating floating concrete pollutants
  • Constructing and importing 1 multipurpose tugboat of pulling power 80 ton.
  • Receiving 4 tugboats of pulling power 40 ton and 2 tugboats of 50ton and 2 other of 60ton.
  • Civil establishments and developing equipment and laboratories of engineering administrations and services
  • Developing port’s electrical and mechanical emergency campaign
  • Establishing maritime berth 85/39(container handling terminal
  • Dredging maritime berths and importing rubber fenders
  • Establishing two conjunctions to link ports of Alex and Dekheila with coastal international road
  • Developing and raising efficiency of railway transport at port
  • Establishing multi floor garage.

The Medium-Term Investment Projects:

  • Establishing BOT bulk terminal
  • Commencing procedures of establishing containers transport terminal by railways
  • Establishment of a multipurpose terminal at Alex port
  • Commencing procedures of establishing a dry bulk terminal
  • Accomplishment of a multi floor garage
  • Accomplishment of technical feasibility study for the establishment of a logistic zone at Alex port
  • Accomplishment of the establishment of berth 85/3(wood handling terminal.

Long-term future plans2030:

  • Commencing procedures of establishing a tourism marina.
  • Commencing procedures of a third container terminal at Dekheila port (berth 100).
  • Commencing study for the establishment of ElMax port.
  • Logistic center for manufacturing agricultural products and general cargo.
Logistics Center and Manufacturing of Agricultural Products and General Goods: