Main Ports And Hinterland

  1. 29 sq. km. In East port Said port (coordination of available investment opportunities in the hinterland with port Said Governorate and the rest of the concerned ministries is still in progress. This includes vessel fuel and supply-
    scraping of ships- Marine services- containers maintenance and painting.
  2. 8 sq. km. In Damietta port.
  3. 18, in Safaga port.
  4. 12 of El-Sokhna port ( the Cabinet has adopted the comprehensive investment opportunities and projects in 5he whole port in 28-7- 2003. This includes vessel supply, Ammonia Sugar, Diesel, Magnesium, Livestock reception and
    distribution, grains silo.

Specialized ports

  1. Construction of specialized ports for fishing activities in the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea
  2. Construction of Mineral ports in the Red Sea as well as the development of mineral export harbor in El-Arish port
  3. Constructionof tourism ports and pleasure yachts ports in the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea
  4. Development of Abou-Tartour and Barnis port capabilities

In Maritime Transport Activities And The Merchant Flee

  1. Investment in establishing shipping companies to raise the Egyptian fleet capability in stages to a minimum of 10% as a first stage of Egypt foreign trade needs: (greenhouses – food oil – etc.), and ships for transporting Egyptian
    traditional exported goods (Natural gas to Europe for 20 years – agricoltural commodities for the Golf and Europe countries – religious tourists/pilgrims.
  2. Buying feeders to work in Egyptian ports in coastal navigation, and working in handling containers with the rest of East Mediterranean Sea ports.
  3. Establishing tugboats companies, vessel rescue boats and marine service boats.
  4. Establishing highly t4echnical stevedoring companies to keep the standard stevedoring rates to raise the efficiency and capability of Egyptian ports and keep port performance indicator.
  5. Constructing medium and small fishing ships of more than 500 tons to work on fishing ships and boats sold to Lydia.
  6. Constructing marine dredgers to exploit the permanent needs of Damietta and Port Said ports needs in deepening and dredging works.
  7. Setting up a shipping line with COMESA countries to encourage Egyptian ports to Africa, especially East and South Africa (imported livestock – raw materials – electric equipments and furniture exports – building materials – canned
    goods, etc.
  8. Ship building and reforming work in no costal marine services field for serve the platforms and driller of gas and oil.
  9. Build and reform gas bolk, oil bolk, and containers.
  10. Domination of RO/RO vessels.
  11. Formation of a company for marine security.
  12. Formation of a company for marine insurance.
  13. Formation of a companies work in logistics services field.
  14. Formation of a company for ship paints, ropes, and hooks “grabs”.
  15. Formation of ship yard to build vessels and yachts.