General Cargo

All kind of cargoes loaded or unloaded on ships whether packed or not packed or containerized except for dry bulk and liquid bulk.

Dry Bulk

Cargoes that are loaded or unloaded on ships dry bulk (unpacked) on its status rather than carrying out any packing operation in other next phases (like coal, iron ore and grains).

Liquid Bulks

All liquid cargoes loaded or unloaded in its liquid status.

Loading and Unloading Works

All works carried out by licensed company which includes the hiring of personnel and appropriate equipment to unload cargo of ships on quay (or barges or other ships) or unloaded holes of ships with all different kinds of cargoes as will as carrying cargoes to area and stores.

Works of maritime agency

– All works that are required by ships and crew on behalf of the owner or operator during the period of its stay in port or its passage through Suez Canal.

– Pay the dues and wages and due costs to sovereignty bodies and all remaining bodies.

– Collecting all due draughts for the owner or operator.

– Participating in the negotiation of selling and buying of ships.

– Participating in signature of charting contracts.

– The maritime agent may carry out the works of the cargo agent on behalf of shippers.

Maintenance and repair works of ships outside docks

They are all light maintenance and repair for the hull of ships boards, equipment, as well as untying and equip and maintain the equipment and electrical equipment which do not need the ship to enter a dock.. All this is carried out on quays specified for these matters at Port Authority.

Stevedore works of Ships

It includes providing ships with water, fuel, oils whether on quay or plunger using inland means or licensed buoy for this purpose.

Maritime Supplies

It includes supplying the ship with accessories, paints, food materials, cleaning tools and safety equipment and all what maritime agent or captain needs except water, fuel and oils.

Storing and Warehouses

It includes using stores, philters and areas specified by Port Authorities to practice such activity to store imported cargo/ exported cargoes for the interest of others until it is released and departed from port according to terms and organized conditions for such work.

Maritime Works

It includes works of cleaning holes, paints, simple repairs for containers, providing buoys services for ship and its crew, taking out wastes from ships whether liquid or dry on units licensed for it. Also it maintains floating and fixed maritime buildings and what comes new of works determined by Port Authorities.