Maritime Transport Sector (MTS)The Study was carried out
Maritime Transport Sector (MTS)

The agency carrying out the Study


Year of Publication

  1. Developing the economic strategy and financial security aspects of the State by retaining a state-of-the-art maritime transport fleet to achieve the sovereignty and independency of the State (Avoid falling under the pressure exerted by international alliances or the risks of unavailability of means of transporting strategic commodities).
  2. Establishing shipping lines to serve Egypt’s foreign trade and linking Egyptian ports to Arab, African and European ports.
  3. Developing and sustaining Egypt’s foreign trade system and enhancing the competitiveness of Egyptian exports in terms of quality.

Purpose of the Study

  • The European continent is considered Egypt’s largest trading partner, with an average of 47%, while Africa and South America are Egypt’s the least trading partner.
  • The current set-up of Egypt’s foreign trade transporting is through international shipping lines vessels.
  • The total volume of seaborne trade between Egypt and the countries of the world is increasing significantly.
  • It is necessary to benefit from the volume of trade with Europe by operating Egyptian shipping lines that sail across North Africa and then head to Europe to achieve operational economic feasibility as a preliminary stage, followed by operating lines with East Africa as a second stage (In this case the decision to purchase is considered the ideal alternative).
1. Developing already existing shipping companies whose ships fly the Egyptian flag and working to bolster the boards of directors of these companies in order to achieve the required economic feasibility as follows:
ALKAHERA Company For Ferries and Maritime Transport “KCFMT” (Ministry of Transport) )

  • The necessary measures are being taken to expand the size of the commercial fleet, deliberating the purchase of 2 new cargo vessels, and examining the possibility of chartering one of the vessels currently owned by the company (a passenger ship) and using the charter fees to charter a third cargo vessel.
  • The company is also currently coordinating with major investors to participate in providing vessels for cargo transport. Thus, the company can operate shipping lines in the Red Sea basin to serve the transport of Egyptian exports to the Gulf countries and link with African ports.

Arab Bridge Maritime Company (Ministry of Transport)

  • Deliberations to increase its capabilities and aptitudes are currently underway in coordination with the rest of the partners (it is a joint company between Egypt – Iraq – Jordan) in terms of purchasing/chartering new vessels that satisfy the needs of intra-trade with Arab countries.

National Navigation Company (Ministry of Business Sector)
The company has developed an integrated plan for the replacement and renewal of its fleet; whereby a dry bulk vessel was purchased replacing one of the obsolete vessels, and work is underway to replace the rest of the obsolete fleet