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Maritime transport activities

1 Maritime agencies 28 Yacht Building and dry dock Companies
2 Container Companies 29 Generators and Maritime Equipment Companies.
3 Maritime Transport Companies 30 Multimodal Transport Companies
4 Stevedore 31 Logistic Companies
5 Maritime Transport Companies operating within the ports 32 Cargo Calibration and Control Companies
6 Maritime Supply 33 Maritime Information Technology Company (Integrated Solutions).
7 Vessels fuel supply 34 Navigational Aids Maintenance Companies (buoys – lighthouses …. Etc)
8 Ship building and repair 35 Ropes and equipment companies
9 Maritime Insurance Companies 36 Ship anchors and lights manufacture, installation and maintenance companies.
10 Non-coastal Maritime Services 37 Maritime paints manufacturing firms
11 Marketing, Development and Investment Companies 38 Container construction, maintenance and repair companies
12 Maritime Security Companies for the implementation of ISPS Code 39 Charting and Owning Containers.
13 Maritime Dredging Companies 40 Maritime Pollution Combat (Bisco.)
14 Maritime Area Company 41 Operating Specialized ports companies (gas – fishing – tourism).
15 Navigational maintenance, repair and purchase 42 Maritime wreckage retrieval and removal Companies
16 Ports and Quays Construction Companies 43 Vessels’ Scrapping Company
17 Maritime Diving Companies 44 Research, studies and consultation centers.
18 Maritime Labor Companies 45 Maritime cranes manufacturing companies.
19 Towage and Pilotage Companies 46 Transit.
20 Lawyers’ offices Real Estate Agents’ offices. 47 Specialized ports.
21 Maritime Training (Training Institute) 48 Floating fish fleet.
22 Maritime Financing Companies and Banks. 49 Warehouses , silo and storage companies.
23 Containerizing and Wrapping Companies. 50 Port Salvage and balances company.
24 Companies for Cleaning Containers. 51 Egyptian protected and compensating clubs.
25 Researches and Maritime Technology Company. 52 Navigational conferences.
26 Added Value Industry in Port Hinterlands. 53 Feeding terminals.
27 Yacht Building and dry dock Companies 54 Shipping agents.

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