This service is concerned with providing the prices (tariff) for the shipping agencies services, aimed at regulating the relationship between the agency and the beneficiary. With reference to the committee formed by the Resolution of the Rear Admiral /Head of the Maritime Transport Sector No.124 of 2008 regarding “monitoring and controlling the prices of services provided by companies involved in the field of maritime transport and related activities, As directed by Rear Admiral / Head of the Maritime Transport Sector, and in accordance with article 4 of Ministerial Decree No. 395 of 2003 on ” to include the tariff of the shipping agency services on the official website of the maritime transport sector. All shipping agencies involved in this field have been addressed to provide us with the applicable price lists by them. Most of those companies have provided us with those lists.

The Egyptian Maritime Data Bank (EMDB) has entered the price lists received from companies involved in this area on the sector’s official website. Regarding to the companies that did not provide the maritime Transport Sector with their price lists, the categories mentioned in Ministerial Decree No. 395 of 2003 were considered the accounting categories applicable to these companies, and they will be held accountable if they commit any violations in this regard. If there`s any change in prices, please provide EMDB with the new prices.

The full responsibility and the consequences thereof will fall on the agency or the company until the amendment is made.

We also note that in case of any of these companies commits any violations related to the pricing of services, they will be held accountable in accordance with 18 clause of the general conditions contained in Ministerial Decree No. 800 of 2016 by warning them first and then in the case of a repeat violation, the license issued to them will be suspended for a month and then canceled in case of committing the violation for the third time by the Licensing Committee.

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Ministerial Decree No.417 of 2019 on” amending some provisions of Ministerial Decree No.800 of 2016″ (full version ).Arabic 

Ministerial Decree No.800 of 2016 (full version ).Arabic 

Ministerial Decree No.416 of 2019 on” amending some provisions of Ministerial Decree No. 488 of 2015″ (full version ).Arabic 

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