Coinciding with the International Women’s Day in the Maritime Sector, which the International Maritime Organization (IMO) called to celebrate on the eighteenth of May of each year, RADM/ Ahmed Hawash, Chairman of Damietta Port Authority, congratulated and saluted all the honorable exemplars of working women cadres in Damietta Port, for their sincere efforts that contributed to the advancement and improvement of Port work performance in partnership with their colleagues, in order to achieve the concept of gender equality in rights and responsibilities.
On this occasion, he honored a number of distinguished female cadres in various departments of the Authority as exemplars for the rest of their female colleagues, in appreciation and gratitude for them as part of the fabric of Damietta Port Authority workforce.
He also honored the representative of Damietta Port, the winner of the Excellence Award for Women Working in the Maritime Sector; Dr. Engineer / Fatima Al-Zahraa Al-Imam Al-Mansi – Telecommunications Engineer at the Authority, who won the Award outperforming all women candidates of all entities affiliated with the Egyptian Maritime Transport Sector.