The Cruise Ship M/V Borealis will be visiting West Port Said Cruise Port for the first time. SCZ Media Office declared that the Cruise traffic has been Spiraling at the region’s cruise ports.

In this regard, West Port Said cruise Port has received the Bahamian Cruise Ship M/V Borealis coming from Brindisi Port (Italy) with 832 multinational passengers and 628 crew member on board, where all passengers will disembark heading to Cairo to visit archaeological and tourist sites in the city. M/V Borealis is considered one of the gigantic ships that comprise all amenities in terms of spacious rooms, restaurants, a large swimming pool, a theatre, and a movie

It is worth mentioning that all relevant authorities operation in the port had coordinated their efforts to facilitate the process of the ship reception in the port and simplify disembarkation and embarkation of passengers to/from the dock, as well as the operations of safeguarding and securing tourists by various security services in the port. This activity at the port is an irrefutable evidence of the revival of tourism, and asserts the readiness of the regional ports to receive these types of gigantic ships, in addition to being geared up for all economic activities in general and cruise activities in particular, which indicates the confidence of cruise lines in the region’s ports and their safety rates.