The Maritime Transport Sector (MTS) hosted a coordination meeting between the work team of the Unified Government Complaints System, headed by the Council of Ministers, and the citizens’ service officials at the Ministry of Transport, to coordinate and electronically activate the MTS’s joining to the Unified Government Complaints System, which aims to receive and quickly resolve citizens’ complaints, to provide the service with the highest quality standards.
MTS indicated during the meeting the work cycle of the Unified Governmental Complaints System and the Code Honor no. 16528, towards confidentiality in dealing with citizens’ complaints, and how to receive the complaints via the hotline of the system, “في خدمتك” application, in addition to the website
The meeting also outlined how the system manages, follows up, and responds to complaints; it also explained the effective role of the complaints system in relieving suffering of citizens by conveying their complaints to the concerned authorities and officials to work on solving them and removing their causes.
Training Teamwork of MTS, the Egyptian Port Authorities, and the Maritime Safety Authority
It was agreed to train the teamwork through the Unified Governmental Complaints System, and to provide the complaints system with the role of MTS and port authorities in controlling, regulating and providing services, as well as electronically linking all subordinate authorities to the Unified Governmental Complaints System to direct the topics of complaints related to these authorities, in order to quickly work on solving them and achieve higher percentages of customer satisfaction.
This meeting is a part of the efforts exerted towards providing the best services to achieve happiness, prosperity and satisfaction for citizens, and to coordinate with all direct communication channels to monitor their complaints and immediately solve all the difficulties they face, pointing out that the Unified Governmental Complaints System is the most important channel of direct communication with citizens, monitoring their problems and measuring their satisfaction with the services provided to them.

The Unified Complaints System is a modern interface for the government that expresses its desire to achieve communication between citizens and the state, strengthening bridges of trust between them, by receiving citizens’ complaints from all concerned authorities and linking them electronically to the Government Complaints System and working to meet citizens’ needs and complaints through implementable government policies and programmes, and exerting all efforts to improve the level of services provided to increase citizen satisfaction.

It is notable that the meeting was attended by the Maritime Transport Sector, represented by R.Admiral. Reda Ismail, President of the Maritime Transport Sector, the Unified Government Complaints System in the Council of Ministers, represented by Brigadier Ahmed Fadel, Brigadier Wael Alattar. Likewise, accountant Mr. Abdullah Abdel Salam Aldeeb, Citizens’ Service Administration/ Ministry of Transport, Mr. Muhammad Munir follow-up official, Mrs. Shaimaa, follow-up official, Mrs. Reham Samir, meeting follow-up official (delegation of the Egyptian Ministry of Transport).