Dumping LicensesService Title
Dumping Licensing DepartmentAdministration Providing the Service
Ms. Maha Ali ShalabyName of Employee
in Charge
Via the electronic portal for maritime transport services
E-mail: maritime.transport.sector@gmail.com – contact@mts.gov.eg
03/4877894 :Phone
Administration Contact Info.
Ministerial Decrees No. 928/2018 , issued in 26/11/2018Service Pricing Decree
Issuance of dumping licenses in accordance with Ministerial Decree No. 180 of 2001 issued on 3/10/2001 regarding  specifying the procedures and conditions for issuing licenses for dumping operations at sea and Decree No. 68 of 2018 issued on 3/6/2018 amending some provisions of Minister of Transport Decree No. 180 of 200Service Type
  • Application for dumping licenses (to be applied for in the Maritime Transport Sector)
  • Approval of the Armed Forces Operations Authority
  • The environmental approval issued by the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA)
  • Approval of the Egyptian General Authority For Shores Protection
  • A copy of the Contracting Agreement
  • A marine map with the operations site indicated by the Marine Survey Division
  • Minutes of cooperation coordination meeting with the Marine Survey Division
Required Documents
  1. Submitting an application on The Egyptian Maritime Transport Sector Services Portal
  2. How to create a new user account on The Egyptian Maritime Transport Sector Services Portal.
  3. Assistance video for submitting an application for a dumping license
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