Yachts Single WindowService Title
General Administration for Ports Projects Follow-upAdministration
Mrs/ Ghada Emara – Mr/ Metwally Al-Behairy – Mrs/ Shaima HefnyEmployee in Charge
Via the electronic portal for maritime transport services El-Wardian
Phone: 03/4435274 – 03/4435275 (during official working hours)
To receive inquiries after the official working hours, please call the previous numbers provided that they will be answered the next day during the official working hours
Administration Contact Info
Prime Minister Decision No. 2721 of 2022 issuing a regulation regulating foreign yacht tourism (English Version), (French version) Service Pricing Decree
Finalizing the procedures of foreign tourist yachts with the concerned authorities and issuing approval for the yacht visit program and one invoice to be collected through the electronic platform (one-stop shop for yacht tourism) in US dollarsService Type
  1. Yacht registration certificate.
  2.  Acknowledgment of access.
  3.  Technical validity certificate.
  4.  The identification number of the yacht owner.
  5.  Copy of ID/passport number (passengers – crew).
  6.  Residency document abroad if the owner is Egyptian.
  7.  Catalog devices.
  8.  Yacht radio license.
  9.  Power of attorney for the captain of the yacht.
Required Documents
  1. The Egyptian Maritime Transport Sector Services Portal
  2. How to create a new user account on The Egyptian Maritime Transport Sector Services Portal.
  3. Egypt e-Visa Portal
  4. Suez Canal Authority
  5. A guiding video to access the yachts single window
  6. Laws and decisions regulating yacht tourism
User’s Guide