maritime legislation in force and the related international agreementsService Title
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Ms. Nepal Medhat AklEmployee
Via the electronic portal for maritime transport services
Phone: 03/4435274 – 03/4435275 (during official working hours)
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      • Inventorying and documenting the maritime legislation in force from the reality of the Official Gazette and Egyptian facts, whether related to maritime trade, safety of maritime navigation, ship registration, some marine fees and charges for services provided to ships, marine labor, marine debris, dumping, marine environment, and activities related to maritime transport that are carried out in maritime ports Egyptian.

Classification of maritime legislation according to topic and chronologically according to the runways of legislation, so that the constitution comes in the highest rank, followed by laws and then regulations and time period

Publishing the Egyptian maritime legislation in force and the related international agreements and making them available on the sector’s new services portal to support all customers and those interested in the Egyptian maritime transport industry.

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