Within the framework of the state’s keenness to maximize the activity of yacht tourism, due to the coastlines that Egypt has on the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, in addition to the mild weather throughout the year, the maritime transport sector has coordinated this visit in advance, given the importance it represents to maximize this activity, as the yacht reached its first stop in Egypt to The port of Alexandria is an indication of the interest of yacht tourism pioneers from among the world’s top businessmen in marine tourism in Egypt, which must be exploited to maximize yacht tourism in Egypt. Where the Alexandria port received the most expensive yacht in the world owned by a Russian businessman, the fortune of the 43-year-old Russian billionaire Andrey Igorevich, who owned a yacht worth 190 million pounds and decided to upgrade to a newer and more luxurious yacht worth 260 million pounds (5.5 billion pounds), and he named his new yacht “A” to ensure that it will be the first on the list.. The yacht is called “SYA” and its length is 143 m, and it is one of the most important and most yachts in the world. It consists of eight floors and has an underwater control room and works with electricity and diesel. Designed to accommodate 20 guests in addition to 54 crew members, the yacht was designed by the French Philippe Starck. The yacht boasts the largest piece of curved glass measuring 193 feet, and the underwater cabin is dedicated to billionaire wife Alexandra to enjoy the world’s newest underwater views. The yacht is characterized by a digital control system, and the reception of this type of yacht at this time is a real positive gesture that represents the actual beginning of activating a comprehensive strategy pursued by the maritime transport sector to maximize yacht tourism in Egypt.