Core texts of Maritime Agreements:

  1. The spatial scope of application of the agreement as it applies in the territory of each of the contracting parties.
  2. Encouraging shipping companies in the two countries to operate a regular navigation service between their ports.
  3. The competent maritime authority of the two contracting parties, a ship of a contracting party, a crew member, a shipping company…etc.
  4. Participation of the ships of the two contracting parties in the transfer of mutual foreign trade between the two contracting parties on equal bases.
  5. Identification documents for seafarers (Maritime Passport or Passport for Egypt).
  6. Treating the ships of the two contracting parties in their respective ports on reciprocity basis with regard to the entry and exit of ships, facilities for loading and unloading of goods as well as the boarding and disembarking of passengers.
  7. Mutual recognition of documents on board ship.
  8. Allow crew members to disembark to the port city and to transit to their ship or to any other vessel.
  9. Providing assistance to the ship, its crew, its cargo and its passengers in case of sinking, delinquency, or any other accident inside the port or territorial waters of the other party.
  10. The revenue generated from the maritime transport activity of shipping companies in the ports of the other contracting party shall be subject to income tax in the territory of the party whose flag the ship is flying only.
  11. Forming a joint maritime committee of experts in the two countries to follow up the implementation of the agreement and resolve any disputes arising from it.
  12. Entry into force of the agreement.

Between Egypt and the Arab States

No.StateSignature DateImplementing StateNotes
6Saudi Arabia19901991under amendment
11Sudan20022003Governmental Memorandum of Understanding

Between Egypt and the Foreign Countries

No.CountrySignature dateEntry into force dateComments
2Bulgaria19691970Negotiations are ongoing for updating
4Italy197619782008 update
7Turkey19881988Negotiations are ongoing to reach a new agreement
8North Korea19961997
9Ukraine1997Not Implemented
12China1999Not Implemented
13Georgia1999Not Implemented
14Romania2002Not Implemented
20132013Governmental Memorandum of Understanding

Between Egypt and the African Countries

No.CountrySignature dateEntry into force dateComments
1South Africa1998

Ports Cooperation Protocols Between Egypt and the Arab States

No.Egyption PortsForeign PortsCountrySignature Date
4General Authority Of Red Sea Portsyemeni institution of gulf aden portsYemen6/12/2007
5General Authority Of Red Sea Portssudanese Seaports AuthoritySudan19/4/2007
6DamiettaGeneral Company Of Tartos PortSyria12/6/2007

Cooperation Protocols Between Free Zones

Egyptian Free ZoneForeign Free ZoneDateComments
Free Zone of Port Said and East Port SaidFree Zone of Aden Port – Yemen12-12-1997The invitation for a meeting to active the memorandum of understanding was sent more than once but the committee didn’t meet because of the absence of the Yemeni delegation.

MOU on Cooperation and Twinning Between Egypt and the African Ports

No.Egyptian PortsForeign PortsCountryYear
1AlexandriaBuenos AiresArgentina1997
4AlexandriaRijekaCroatia      2002
5AlexandriaMarseilleFrance     2002
6AlexandriaMarportTurkey     2009

MOU on Cooperation and Twinning Between Egypt and the African Ports

No.Egyptian PortArab PortCountrySignature
1Port SaidPort LouisMauritius1999
2Red Sea PortsTanzania Ports AuthorityTanzania2001

Between The Recognition OF Seafarer Certificates According to STCW Requirements For 1995

No.CountryAgreement’s SubjectAdoption’s dateRevalidation’s date
1CyprusMutual recognition of certificates7/4/20026/4/2007
2IndonesiaMutual recognition of certificates25/6/200224/6/2007
3SingaporeMutual recognition of certificates11/6/200410/6/2009
4Antigua and BarbaraMutual recognition of certificates10/3/20049/3/2009
5PolandMutual recognition of certificates6/6/20035/6/2008
6LatviaMutual recognition of certificates18/7/200317/7/2008
7BarbadosMutual recognition of certificates20/4/200419/4/2009
8AlgeriaMutual recognition of certificates9/5/20048/5/2009
9DenmarkMutual recognition of certificates12/3/200211/3/2007
10CambodiaMutual recognition of certificates25/11/200224/11/2007
11EstoniaMutual recognition of certificates9/7/20038/7/2008
12BelizeOur certificates have been recognized24/6/200323/6/2008
13BahamasOur certificates have been recognized17/9/200116/9/2008
14FantaweOur certificates have been recognized5/12/20014/12/2006
15Marshal IslandOur certificates have been recognized6/2/20025/2/2007
16PhilippineUnder adoption
17ItalyUnder adoption
18KuwaitUnder adoption
19GreeceUnder adoption
20BrazilUnder adoption
21MalaysiaUnder adoption
22Hong KongUnder adoption