Affliated Company:

– The Public authority for fish resources development.


– The port is located on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Suez, 280 km south of Suez.

Description of the construction status of the port berths:

– The port of Al-Tur is a commercial port and a fishing port. It is located in the city of Tur Sinai. It has a scaffolding 200 m long, 8 m deep, and a wharf made of iron curtains 75 m long and 8 m deep, and a fishing wharf 45 m long, 6 m wide, and 5 m deep.

Sidewalk equipment:

– The port is equipped with a fish tank and a refrigerator, in addition to a fishing boat repair shop.

Port Data:

– Capacity:77 fishing boats
– The decision to establish the port:There is
– The total area:9 acres
– Water area:3 acres
– Wild space:6 acres