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(Longitude): 33º 37/E

(Latitude): 28º 14/N

Natural Characteristics:

Time zone: GMT+2h
Wave Code (VHF): 16 12
Weather: Northern Winds to Northwest Winds.
Relative density of water: 1.04g/ cm³
Rainy season: Winter.
Tides (in meters): From 1.3m to 2.3 m.

Port Description


The port is located on the eastern coast of Suez Gulf, a distance of 280 k .m to the South of Suez City.


Port Specifications (features)

  • Total Area : 1.6 k. m² (1651000 m²)
  • Water Area : 1.2 k. m² (1221000 m²)
  • Land Area: 0.4 k. m² .(430,000 m²)
  • Open storage yards: 0.3 k. m². (380,000 m²)
  • Covered storage yards: 0.05 k. m². . (5600 m²)

Maximum Design Capacity:

  • General cargo 0.38 Million tons/year
  • Working Hours : 24/ a day

Navigational Proprieties


The Pilotage is mandatory in El-Tour Port.

Pilots Statements

Pilot Rank Pilots Numbers
Third Pilot 1

Berth Specifications

Totals of Berths Data according to its type

Berth Type Length(m) Max. Draft(m)
General Cargo Berth 75m 5m

Services :

services and facilities in the Port: 


Entry/Exist portal.


There is a shipyard for light repairs.


  • Fresh water
  • Solar
  • Diesel
  • Spare Parts
  • Supply Ships
  • Water Waste Reception
  • Food
  • Fumigation
  • Tug & Pilotage

Safety, Security &Environmental Protection Requirements:

  • medical capabilities
  • fire fighting
  • anti-pollution


  • Address :        El-Tur Port .
  • Phone No. : 069/ 3770563
  • Fax No. :        069/ 3770592

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