Port activity:

– Shipping liquid ammonia through lines ten meters below sea level on ship tanks with a capacity of 7,000 to 12,000 tons of liquid ammonia.

Port Data:

– Capacity:About 100,000 tons annually
– Date Created:The construction process began in 1989 until September 1990
– Port total area:1650000 m2
– Port Maritime area:1620000 m2
– Land area:30000 m2
– Depth:10 m2


– Each company or port must provide a minimum level of equipment commensurate with the size of the risk according to the risk assessment study included in the plan, so that a list of first-level equipment available to the company / port at the site of operations is prepared in addition to the equipment available outside the scope (second / third level) In accordance with the concept of pollution control levels and how these resources can be requested from different agencies, as shown, for example, in the following:

  • Fire alarm: works automatically by means of detectors or alarm buttons in the sites and is used to inform all sites and fire brigades in the facility.
  • Gas alarm: through gas detectors distributed at Abu Qir 3 factories, connected to a computer, and an audible alarm on the control.