35 o 12 / E (Long.) 24 o 26 / N (Lat.)

Time Zone:

GMT +2


The port is located at a distance of 80 km south of Marsa Alam and 340 km south of Hurghada, The port consists of a berth constructed of concrete blocks with a length of 53 meters and a width of 35 meters and a depth ranging between 8 – 9 meters and receives ships to ship phosphate in a tonnage range of 15,000 tons, a small breakwater was added to the port, as well as two luminous mooring buoys and a maneuvering buoy and a beacon lighting with warning lights on top of the breakwater.

The port has a basin and a control room for the conveyor belt, The Ore is transported from the production sites to the port by means of trucks with a tonnage of 20 tons. The capacity of this road is about 500 tons/day, which can be increased when needed to 1500 tons/day, Ore is transferred from vessel holds by a conveying belt with a capacity that ranges from 1500 tons/day for crushed phosphate to 3000 tons/day for raw phosphate, quartz, aluminate and feldspar.

Port activity:

Exporting and shipping of mineral Ore.


Ownership:El Nasr Mining Company.
Address:23 Talaat Harb St., Cairo.
Phone NO.:+20 39 27 224 – +20 39 29 882
FAX NO.:+20 39 31 765
Port Phone NO.:+20 28 90 320/097

* Note: The port is currently out of service (belonging to the armed forces).