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Exporters’ services
Exporters’ services

Service for tariff Agency

With regards to the committee formed according to admiral / head of sector decree number 124 for the year 2008 concerning controlling and adjusting services prices performed by companies working in the field of maritime transport and activities associated to it, and according to the instructions of admiral/ Tawfeek Abu Gendeya , head of maritime transport sector  and applying fourth article of the ministerial decree number 395for the year 2003- stating putting  navigational agency services tariffs on official site of the maritime transport sector, all navigational agencies working in the field have been addressed to provide with previous working  prices lists and where most of which has done , thus the data bank has inserted such prices given by the companies to the site. And with regards to the companies that have not handed in their prices’ lists to the sector, categories in the ministerial decree number 395 for the year  was the one considered for such companies and which they will be accounted for in case of any sanctions in this respect. 

We also note that in case of any sanctions concerning services pricing tenth article of the general conditions of the ministerial decree number 520for the year 2003will be applicable and they will first be warned but once the sanction is repeated their issued license will be invalid for a period of one month and then cancelled by the sector’s licenses committee if the sanction is committed for the third time.

IMO Secretary-General

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