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Prime minister reviews a plan for glorifying yachts and touristic vessels in Egypt


  Prime ministerDr. Mustafa Madbouly has held a meeting to review a plan for implementing strategy of glorifying yachts and touristic vessels in Egypt this in the attendance of Dr. Khaled ElAnani, monuments and tourism minister, Eng. Kamel Elwazir, transport minister, rear admiral, Reda Ismail, head of maritime transport sector.

   Prime minister has started the meeting by pointing out that the meeting aims at discussing implementation plan for the strategy of glorifying benefiting from yacht tourism in Egypt in accordance with  president Abd Fattah El Sisi directions to the government to study implemented procedures for yacht tourism in Egypt as compared with competitive countries; facilitating  procedures and glorifying such type of touristic activity being a great added value to tourism in Egypt ; specially that the country enjoys  extended coastal shores on the Mediterranean and Red sea; assuring on necessity of facilitating procedures during entrance and departure stages of tourists.      

 During the meeting Eng. Kamel ElWazir transport minister pointed out that a supreme ministerial committee has been constituted to set a strategy to attract yacht tourism in Egypt headed by transport minister and the membership of ministers of: tourism. Finance, communication and information technology, and representatives from ministries and concerned bodies, declaring that this ministerial committee’s task is predicted in updating   the “Marian “map  all over the republic  whether existing or suggested,  predicting promising areas that represents  points of attraction for yacht tourism. This besides setting regulating rules and criteria for yacht tourism to standardize required terms conditions for establishment and operation, the committee is concerned with launching one common window that represents all concerned bodies so that transport ministry will be the one responsible for coordination with all entities to issue all required licenses and collect fees, besides taking required procedures to facilitate required licenses for yacht moving between Egyptian ports. Transport minister also reviewed targets of yacht tourism glorification strategy which aims at encouraging vessels and touristic yachts to increase their calling on Egyptian maritime ports through setting a common price strategy that provides incentives and reductions that attract yachts and touristic yachts also raising efficiency of touristic ports and establishing new touristic “Marinas” in locations of attractive touristic nature 

        Besides preparing for a propaganda plan to propagate for Egyptian touristic ports and yachts and setting a plan for the whole year to assure effective participation in touristic conferences, forums and international exhibitions. In addition to specifying sections to propagate for yacht tourism in Egypt

  Rear admiral Reda Ismail has declared that according to the strategy an electronic platform will be established: yacht tourism one window that represents all concerned entities for the sake of facilitating procedures and obtaining all security approvals and also issuing one invoice that is applicable on all Egyptian ports and touristic marines, in addition to establishing a common code for all concerned bodies working at touristic marinas and Egyptian ports to unite their requests.  

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