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The sixth session of Egypt/ Jordan maritime transport technical committee 7-8/7/2021



   Within the framework of reinforcing tight cooperative relationships between Egypt and Jordan and due to the joint desire to organize and develop dual relationship between the two countries in the field of maritime transport  which will have its impact on both sides and in completion to joint coordination and cooperation, the sixth session of Egypt/ Jordan maritime transport technical committee has been held at maritime transport sector headquarters in Alexandria from the period 7-8/7/2012  headed by rear admiral/ Reda Ismail, head of maritime transport sector from the Egyptian side and Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Salman, Jordan maritime authority general manager, from Jordan side and in the attendance of technical committee members from both sides. They have debated in cordial atmosphere ways of overcoming obstacles for both sides’ graduates and promoting cooperation in the field of education and training in maritime transport field, where both sides have agreed upon applying memorandum of understanding signed between Jordan transport ministry and Arab academy for Science and technology and maritime transport AAST in the year 2015. Also cooperation in the field of search and rescue and joint training confronting maritime casualties have been also discussed  

  The meeting has also discussed means of increasing productivity of ElGesr Elaraby navigational company and glorifying its fleet and studying capability of developing triple cooperation between Egypt, Jordan and Iraq specially making use of the countries’ ports in facilitating transport of raw materials and required machines for Iraq urbanization. Moreover, a study of obstacles that hinder maritime shipping movement development has been undergone, whether


 Cargoes or passengers, between the two countries as a result of corona pandemic, also glorifying touristic vessels and yachts between ports of Aqaba and Taba  

  At the end of the meeting both parties have welcomed cooperation and coordination in all international assemblies’ of maritime transport field especially international organizations and the Mediterranean union and they have agreed upon holding the next technical committee in the first quarter of the year 2022 at Aqaba.        

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