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Lieutenant General Osama Rabie: “HMM ALGECIRAS”; the largest container ship in the world crosses Suez Canal on its first voyage since its inauguration

Lt. Gen. Osama Rabie, Head of the Suez Canal Authority, witnessed on Monday, the passage of the gigantic container ship "HMM ALGECIRAS" the largest container ship in the world in its first voyage through the Suez Canal within the convoy of the south in the new navigational channel of the Canal during its trip from Yantian port in China heading to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. In line with the instructions of Lt. Gen. Osama all necessary measures were taken to insure the safe and secure transit of the ship. According to the protocol followed by the Suez Canal Authority in dealing with gigantic vessels crossing the channel for the first time, Lt. Gen. Osama Rabie delegated captain Hisham Fawzy as a Senior Pilot and Captain Medhat Al-Najjar, a senior first pilot to board the ship and welcome its crew, and deliver a courtesy souvenir to the captain of the ship Master John Keon. The Lieutenant General had also assigned a group of senior pilots of the Authority and provided all necessary navigational assistance including entailed tugboats in addition to an on the spot follow-up by the main traffic office and navigation control stations. Lt. Gen. Osama Rabie, confirmed that newly enhanced Suez Canal succeeded in fortifying the leading position of the Channel as the most significant link and the main artery of global transient trade traffic between East and West, and raising its efficiency to remain the first choice and the most suitable option for the current and future generations of giant ships with large submersibles, especially container ships. It is worth mentioning that "HMM ALGECIRAS", holds the global record for the maximum number of carried containers with a capacity of 23,964 TEUs. The vessel belongs to the South Korean Navigational Line "HMM", and was inaugurated in April of this year to be the first contract concluded by the Korean company with both Daewoo Shipyards, and Samsung Heavy Industries to build 12 container ships with the same Quality, design and size. The gigantic vessel is 400 meters in length, 61 meters in width and 16 meters in depth. The ship is characterized by efficient operating systems that comply with the International Maritime Organization regulations, which is expected to improve the design of the structure and the engine to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, and save approximately 15% of the cost Employment. For his part, Captain John Keon, the captain of the largest and largest ship in the world, praised the maritime safety procedures followed by Suez Canal Authority administration, which contributed to the safe and smooth transit of the ship, despite its unprecedented dimensions of the ship in addition to the professionalism and high efficiency of the Channel Pilot crew and the spirit of cooperation and friendliness all Suez Canal staff demonstrated.

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