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Beyond the COVID 19 Pandemic; “Future of Maritime Transport and Logistics”  Workshop

A workshop under the title: “Beyond the COVID 19 Pandemic; Future of Maritime Transport and Logistics” was organized by the Ports Training Institute. The workshop was carried out through live broadcasts through (Zoom) and (Facebook Live) applications, which hosted speakers, experts and specialists from China, France and Italy. The workshop is the first of a series of workshops that revolve around a pandemic (COVID 19) held weekly to discuss the effects of this pandemic on maritime transport and logistics, education and maritime training. His Excellency Prof. Dr. Ismail Abdel Ghaffar, President of the Arab Academy and Chairman of the workshop has instigated the workshop by video conference in the presence of His Excellency Ambassador / Kamal Hassan Ali, Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Affairs of the League of Arab States, and His Excellency Minister Plenipotentiary / Dina Al-Zahir, Director of Transport and Tourism Department of the League of Arab States, His Excellency Rear Admiral / Reda Ismail, Head of the Maritime Transport Sector, and Ambassador / Zhao Liying, Consul of the People's Republic of China in Alexandria The workshop was moderated by Prof. Akram Suleiman Al-Salami, Dean of the Ports Training Institute, where the workshop received a great follow-up to more than 200 participants from (Egypt - Saudi Arabia - Jordan - Palestine - Libya - Indonesia - Lebanon - Yemen - Nigeria - Syria). This workshop is a contribution from the Arab Academy to shed light on the social and economic effects of its success (COVID 19) and to discuss proposed solutions to face the future effects of this global crisis.

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Tackling COVID-19 a voyage together